Long Coated German Shepherds

100_0482On occasion we will have a long coat German Shepherd puppy available for purchase. The long coats carry a recessive gene that creates the beautiful flowing mane. The long coat pups mature to be gentle giants with super sweet, loving temperaments.

I am asked quite often, “what does a long coated German Shepherd look like? I have provided you with a couple of photographs of long coated German Shepherds on this page so you can see the difference between a standard coat and long coat. All the dogs shown on this page are considered long coat German Shepherds.

The long coats are very easy to train and live to please their owners, just as a standard coat.. Due to their coats and upper size limit, they are not able to be shown but they make magnificent family companions and can be used for tracking, obedience, therapy, service or just about anything else a standard coat German Shepherd can do, with the exception of showing in conformation. Long Coat length was not originally a disqualification. Over time, the FCI and the VDH, naturally began to view long coat as non standard and therefore eventually rejected, from competition in confirmation, this type of coat.

Some people have the misconception that long coats shed more than the standard coats. This is simply not the case. The majority of long coated German Shepherds do not have the undercoat that the standard coat German Shepherd has, so therefore there is not as much shedding. The long coated German Shepherds typically "blow" their coat once a year, as with many other breeds.

You can speak to anyone who has owned a long coat and they will tell you that their dog was unsurpassed in beauty, intelligence, loyalty and trainability.

Long Coat German Shepherd Puppy, Long Coat German