Panzer and Mya puppies available:

Panzer and Mya

Puppies pictured at 9 weeks old.

Up Coming Breedings:

Late Spring 2018

V Negus vom Friedländer Land IPO2,A2/A1,KKL(LBZ) and SG Beatrix von Nadar OFA Good Hips Normal Elbows
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Negus brings correctness in every sense or the word.Starting with health to conforming to the German standard, to adding heart ,clear head, strength, deep color and personality galore. He has an alternate pedigree to what is popular right now which adds diversity to the bloodline.
Breed Survey: A big, strong, very well pigmented male, very good height and length ratio, dry and firm. Very good upper line, good length and position of the croup,
good fore and hind limb angulation, balanced chest ratios.
Proper front, stepping straight ahead from the front and rear, he has a far reaching ground covering gait. TSB Pronounced Lets Out.