V Amigos vom Kirschental Sch1, IPO3, KK1”a” RETIRED
Show Record:
SG2 OG-Zucht-und Nachwuchsschau (Germany) HGH 12 to 18 month males judge Wifried Scheld 12 Oct 2008
SG1 OG Carolina Oct 2009
V4 CSGSWDC March 13, 2001
V3 Atlanta Schutzhund Verin Oct 1st 2011
V22 2011 NASS Reston VA Oct 20-22 2011 pronounced in protection
V2 Orange County Schutzhund Klub, NY Working Males also breed surveyed for life.

Sire: 2X Herding Sieger V Sherry vom Kirschental HGH, Sch3, KK1”a”
Dam: V Zeckie vom Kirschental HGH, KK1”a”

amigos stand 23 months webshot small
Amigos stacked.

Amigos gaiting.

Amigos off leash heeling Working Class Males.

Oh boy protection work my favorite part.

Time to chill. He loves his walks in the woods.

Amigos learning the dumbbell. What a happy boy!

Amigos learning to indicate articles for tracking.