Here is a recent photo of Reno. Last vet visit she weighed 74 pounds. She is a wonderful dog, sweet tempered but protective of our property, easy to train. We could not be happier with her! Janie Miller/Peggy Ready
Sire: VA Jaguar v.d. Mausespitz Sch3, KK1”a”lbz
Dam: V Tschispi vom Almhof Sch2 KK1”a”lbz

Cheryl, I know it hasn't even been a day yet, but we've already taken lots of email-worthy photos of Sniper. He's definitely stolen our hearts! Not that we had any doubts. He slept in my lap the entire way home, and has yet to have any "accidents". He's already met our neighbors. They have a 4-year-old boy and the two of them did great together. It was fun to watch them frolic. Thank you so much for helping us add a member to our family. We absolutely adore him. We'll be sure to keep you MORE than informed of his progress! ~ Carolyn, Alex and Sniper
Sire: V Donar von Haus Agee Sch2, KK1”a”
Dam: V Tschipsi vom Almhof Sch2, KK1”a”

Sire: V Donar von Haus Agee Sch2, KK1”a”
Dam: SG2 Janni
Hi Cheryl, In case you did not know that you raised a fantastic traveling boy. I have to tell you that this big Little Boy was born to ride in the car and is so good, even with having to wait for his dinner for more than an hour. Suffice to say that Dwight & I love him to pieces and coming to get him was more than worth the long, long trip. Dwight is playing with him now and Kobe has a new friend. Sure is funny how things work out. Here are the pictures I took last night.. some good ones of Cheryl & Donar, Lord that guy is gorgeous. You can count on more pictures all the time, and I think we will all see some heavy duty growing in this kid in no time at all. And he eats like a baby elephant! Nancy and Dwight Black

Hi Cheryl,
Just a note to let you know that Commander has made it safe and sound to his new home! He is acclimating very well to his new environment and has made himself quite at home! He has been really great on the leash and has taken to his new crate also! I just can't thank you enough! I will send photos this weekend (for Hannah!) and will keep you posted on all his new adventures! The Kapral Family

I can't begin to tell you how much we love Cela. We are back at our home at the beach and she is doing better than well. She is like glue to us and hasn't had one mistake in potty training. Jr., our Jack Russel, has been showing her that he is the king ...until she outgrows him. She is brilliant and we smile so often at her insatiable ability to amaze us. Lynne and Ed Carver
Sire: V Donar von Haus Agee Sch2, KK1”a”
Dam: SG 2 Janni “a”


Sire: V Donar von Haus Agee Sch2, KK1”a”
Dam: SG Diamond Bar Nista Sch1, KK1
Cheryl, Gabby will be 5 this year and I thought I would send you a recent picture. She has been a loving and protective addition to our family. She has also adopted our 4 year old little boy as her own. It is funny to see her and our lab, Charlie, playing in the yard and if she hears our little boy yell she will stop playing and run over nuzzle him and make sure he is fine. Thanks again for raising beautiful, intelligent dogs. Lara McCall