Meet the girls:


SG Beatrix von Nadar OFA Good Hips / OFA normal elbows (For Sale)
Sire: VA
Waiko vom Schaumbergerland Sch3 KK1lbz and SG Wiva von Drachfeld BH, AD
Bea is a large female. She is housebroken and has very nice off leash companion obedience. She is silly and goofy and bonds closely to her owner.
Please contact me to inquire about Bea.


Hetti von der Koenig Haus “a”normal hips & elbows, LUW0 (no sign of transitional vertebrea) DM clear (parentage)

Sire: V Fyte von der Staatsmacht IPO3, OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows Kkl passed  2016 IPO Champion
Dam: SG Oxana z Trojmezi  ZVV1 Kkl passed  (in training for IPO titles)



SG1 Xenja von Mathausen CGC IPO1 “a” Normal HD/ED (BHOT) (Retired)

Sire: 2X Universal World Seiger 
VA Zambo vom Riedschlurgi, Sch3, IPO3, KK1”a”lbz
V Hazel vom Nobleos Sch1, KK
Xenja is a fun loving happy girl that loves to work. 
She has been a joy and is now enjoying her retirement.


SG Peddie vom Kirschental BH, AD “a”normal HD/ED (HOT) (RETIRED)

V Banderas vom Domaine Park Sch2, KK1”a”
V Raina vom Kirchental HGH, KK1”a”