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Welcome to von Mathausen German Shepherds.

We are  located in Western North Carolina, nestled in a valley, surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  This is home to our beautiful German Shepherds  Von Mathausen German Shepherds is only minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Falls, The Biltmore House and Mt. Mitchell, and Grandfather mountain.

As a World Class German Shepherd Breeder, we offer you, 100% West German Show Lines,
German Shepherd puppies and occasionally trained/titled working/breeding adults for sale.

von Mathausen German Shepherds specializes in breeding, raising and training World Class West German Show Lines due to the stable temperament and versatility. Well bred West German Show Lines can be used for a variety of purposes, such as Schutzhund/IPO, Show, Search and Rescue, Therapy, Service or as Magnificent Family Companions. von Mathausen West German Show Lines are bred for Beauty, Intelligence, Temperament, Loyalty, Courage, Working Ability, and Show.

Our German Shepherd dogs are not sent to a professional trainer to be trained for a Schutzhund/IPO title. We prefer to train and title our German Shepherds here. This is how we get to know the talents and capabilities of the dogs that we are breeding. Training the dogs here helps us to make clear decisions on how to improve upon what we have. I have been a member of the German Shepherd Club of America-Working Dog Association and the Carolina German Shepherd Working dog club since 1998. Our German Shepherds are trained here and are exposed to real life situations and become part of my family.

Our German Shepherd puppies are born and raised in our home with continuous human bonding and socializing. We are there with the puppies when they take their first breath, when they open their eyes, when they begin to walk, and when they eat their first “raw meals". By raising puppies this way we get to know each puppy’s temperament and disposition and know how each of them will react in different situations because we have been with them from the day they were born.

We are a small kennel that specializes in quality rather than quantity. We are not a kennel that raises German Shepherds for a living or as a job. We breed, raise and love German Shepherds and strive to improve the breed. Breeding and raising exquisite German Shepherds is our love and our passion.

The bloodline that our breeding stock is based on is the famous Vom Kirschental Kennel in Germany operated by Karl and Marion Fuller. Their success is a direct result of their dedication to the German Shepherd Dog for over 50 years. They were always concerned about the working ability and temperament of the dogs and it showed in the dogs that came from their breeding program.

If you would like to visit us in person or to schedule a phone appointment email us at or call 828-668-9011 or 828-442-6620 Evenings only please.

Please feel free to email us your Comments or Suggestions regarding the web site. We value your opinion !

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