V Amigos vom Kirschental IPO3, kk1”a” HOT (Retired)

Amigos is the son of the 2X Herding Seiger V Sherry vom Kirschental HGH, Sch3,KK1”a”

He has produced beautiful dogs with nice drives, temperament and working ability.

Amigos is handler owner trained. He arrived from Germany as a young dog and was titled through IPO3.

A special thank you to Karl and Marion Fuller for the opportunity to own such a beautiful intelligent dog.

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Gone but he will never be forgotten.
Rest in Peace my sweet boy!


V Donar von Haus Agee Sch2, KK1”a”lbz

Tiako vom Kirchental


V Ica von Lahnblick Sch2, KK1”a”lbz

I got Donar when he was 9 weeks old. I trained Donar for his Schutzhund titles myself with the help of the Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club in Statesville, NC. This was done while I was raising my 2 children, working full time, and going to college. Donar was also a working therapy dog. It made my heart smile to see him bring such joy to people that really needed it in his senior years.
Donar stood at stud at Von Mathausen from 2001 to 2009. He was a huge asset to my breeding program during that time. He produced dogs with beautiful structure, pigment, and drive to do the work. His legacy is not over watch for Donar progeny in the future.


V Waldo von der Hohen Warth IPO3 korr lbz

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Waldo working video